Earwax problems a thing of the past

NEARLY six-months after opening its doors in Hobart’s CBD, Tasmania’s first dedicated professional earwax removal service, Earworx, is continuing to prove an effective option for patients suffering from earwax-related problems.

The service helps to clear built up earwax and alleviate uncomfortable symptoms related to excessive earwax.

“With up to one in 20 adults and one in 10 children affected, impacted wax is not an insignificant issue,” Earworx founder and director Lisa Hellwege said.

“The feedback I have received to date is that people are enjoying having a readily available service to deal with what can become an uncomfortable problem.”

Earworx uses dry and effective micro-suction technology under direct observation to remove wax safely and gently.

Ms Hellwege said symptoms could include loss of hearing, ringing in the ears, itching and a feeling of fullness and pain.

“During my time at Earworx, I have removed a number of cotton bud tips, which serves as a good reminder that cotton buds should not be used in the ear,” she said.

“Not only can they become dislodged in the ear canal, they can also push the wax further down, leading to a worsening of symptoms.”

Water-based activities, including swimming surfing and diving, have also led to an increase in impacted earwax issues during the summer months.

Ms Hellwege said this resulted in earwax being pushed down into the ear canal or water becoming trapped behind the wax.

“People have come in complaining of water caught in their ear and this can be very distracting when the feeling is constantly present,” she said.

“As an alternative to using cotton buds to dry the ears after swimming, I suggest trying a hair dryer on low heat.

“Pull the ear up and backwards to straighten the ear canal first, then apply gentle heat to the ear – but if this method doesn’t work, then Earworx can certainly help.”

Ms Hellwege said that her best tip before a scheduled appointment was to soften the earwax.

“Provided there is no hole in the ear drum, softening drops will assist with completing the wax removal in one visit,” she said.

“Olive oil or softening drops from the chemist are useful for doing this and complimentary bottles of chemist grade olive oil are also available from the Earworx front desk.”

Earworx is open full-time, including every second Saturday, and is currently offering free earwax checks.

To make a booking, visit www.earworx.com.au or phone 0475 841 033.

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