Dominic students welcome new arrivals

SOME of the latest arrivals at Dominic College are only three-months-old but they have already made themselves at home.

This year the College welcomed two miniature pigs and a baby alpaca into its Animal Husbandry and Marine Studies program.

Dominic College Director of Science K-10 Jane Myers said students were already working hard learning about the comprehensive and consistent care of their chosen animals.

She said the latest birth of baby alpaca Luna Star in February was an exciting event for the College community.

“Luna is doing well now, after some initial worries and has become a favourite across the whole school,” she said.

“Our two miniature pigs have arrived at the College, brother Astris and sister Elizabeth Mae (Beth), that were born in November last year.

“They are the fifth generation in a program selection for miniature sized pigs.”

The program’s students are working hard to learn how to care for the animals.

Students Sidney Smith, Caitlin Diprose and Libby Fry are carers for the miniature pigs.

The students said looking after these pigs meant prioritising care before handling.

“Their water and food need to be clean and balanced and the pen must also be clean,” they said.

“The pigs are intelligent and playful and need to be trained to show good manners when being offered treats.

“They love to go for walks on a lead and graze on the College’s lawns, snuffling and digging with their snouts when something smells or tastes particularly good.”

Ms Myers said a diverse range of Dominic students were choosing to study the Animal Husbandry and Marine Studies program.

She said that it was also influencing student’s interest in pathways to veterinary science, zoology and marine biology.

Caption: Dominic College year 10 students Libby Fry and Caitlin Diprose with the school’s new miniature pigs.

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