Dominic College steps out for Cancer Council

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THE Dominic College Relay For Life team was awarded the highest fundraising school team and the highest fundraising team in southern Tasmania by the Cancer Council, raising more than $30,000 in Hobart’s 2019 Relay For Life.

Dominic College principal Beth Gilligan said the college community felt huge pride in the staff and year five to 10 students who formed the 2019 Dominic Relay For Life team.

“They gathered for 20 hours overnight to honour the commitment of so many of our donors to the outstanding work of the Cancer Council and walked hundreds of laps at the Domain for the cause,” she said.

The 2019 Dominic College Relay For Life team was established by college captains Maddison Cockerill and Lachlan Rowlands and led by year seven to 10 coordinator of pastoral care Aaron Davey.

“Together Maddy, Lachlan and Mr Davey harnessed the energy of our students and staff to be a genuine team, supporting each other and focusing on making a difference with our combined energy and resources,” Ms Gilligan said.

“Dominic College has never before raised such a large amount of money for a charitable cause.

“I believe this is connected to the devastating impact that cancer now has on so many families in our society.”

Mr Davey said the students were instrumental in achieving their fundraising goal.

“More than 200 students registered for this event from year five to year 10, as well as more than 40 staff,” he said.

“The 2019 student leaders were absolutely exceptional in their dedication, commitment and effort.

“They raised about $4000 through their pizza, icy-pole, free dress and raffle fundraisers leading into the event.

“These interactions and effort from all members of our school is what really makes Dominic College the amazing community it is.”

Mr Davey said cancer deeply affected many of the students and families at Dominic College.

“Being part of the Relay For Life ceremonies allowed the students to be vulnerable, but also feel safe so they could share their stories or hug with a friend or staff member,” he said.

“This allowed them to know we really do celebrate and empathise together.

“This is where true relationships that remain outside the classroom consolidate and last forever.”

Dominic College participates in the Hobart Relay For Life every two years as part of their outreach for the Cancer Council and to help support their own community members who are suffering from cancer and have lost friends and family members to the disease.

Caption: College captains Lachlan Rowlands and Maddison Cockerill, and pastoral care coordinator Aaron Davey accept the awards on behalf of Dominic College

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