Dominic College embraces Asia

DOMINIC College students were immersed in the sights and sounds of the Asia region during the school’s biennial Asian Festival, which was held from 17 to 21 October.

During the festival, kindergarten to year six class research projects focused on aspects of and stories from a range of Asian countries including Japan, South Korea, Cambodia and Thailand.

Students also created visual displays featuring cherry blossom art, origami pictures, kimono craft, Haiku poems and Wyang puppets.

Festival organiser and Dominic College Japanese language teacher Belinda Kumashiro said students from a variety of cultural backgrounds had great opportunities to share aspects of their own heritage.

“A fabulous Bollywood dance routine was a highlight, performed by Anit Saju, Priyanka Jibi and Brianna and Bryon Shaji,” she said.

“Our karate champions Kate and Angus Jones also gave a martial arts demonstration.

“Kindergarten to year six classes joined together in everyone’s favourite mass student dance, the Soran Bushi, which is a traditional Japanese dance that tells the story of life for fishermen and women.

“During cooking classes, students prepared tasters of Asian dishes to share with everyone.”

Dominic College principal Beth Gilligan, said the college community understood that Australia was geo-politically, economically and socially part of Asia and wanted its students to be “Asia literate” and “Asia wise”.

“Educators now understand that our students need to be prepared to be citizens of the Asia region,” she said.

“At Dominic College, we begin our Asian language exposure to Japanese in kindergarten for this very reason.

“All students up to year six study Japanese and our year sevens have a taster of both Japanese and Indonesian before choosing their electives.”

Ms Gilligan said the school wanted students to be deeply connected to Australia’s Asian neighbours and to appreciate the region as a great place where many would eventually work, study or live.

“The Dominic College Asian Festival broadens the perspectives of the students and increases their understanding of different cultures and places in our diverse Asian region,” she said.

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