Dancers celebrate all things Scottish

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A GROUP of keen dancers in Moonah have donned their kilts for a Ross Day of Dance to join people from all around Tasmania to celebrate Scottish Country dancing.

The Tasmanian Caledonian (TASCAL) Scottish Country Dancers Hobart Inc. was formed 51 years ago for the purpose of Scottish Country dancing.

The group is affiliated with the Royal Scottish Dance Society based in Edinburgh with Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II as patron.

The Hobart group holds social classes on Thursdays and friendly impact classes on Fridays at the Caledonian Society Hall.

The Ross Day of Dance was held on 17 April and was organised by TASCAL Scottish Country Dancers Hobart members.

TASCAL Scottish Country Dancers president Robert Templeton said Scottish Country dancing offered several benefits to participants and was a terrific opportunity to learn something new and fun.

“Physical activity, keeping the brain active by remembering the formations and learning new dances, and the social aspect of coming and meeting people are all beneficial no matter what age you are,” he said.

“People enjoy the dancing, they enjoy meeting new people, and they enjoy the friendships.”

Margaret Vandenberg started Scottish Country dancing about 25 years ago before having an extended break.

“About 18 months ago I thought to myself that I should start getting a bit physical and I’d been having a few problems with my eyes, so my GP suggested getting back to dancing as it would be very good for my balance and confidence – it’s been wonderful since I started back up,” she said.

“I like the social aspect because I meet people I normally wouldn’t come in contact with.

“You learn about the dances and the history of the dance, but from a mental point of view it’s also significant because as we get older it’s really important to keep the brain going.”

TASCAL Scottish Country Dancing hosts social classes on Thursday from 7:15pm to 9:30pm and friendly impact classes on Friday from 1pm to 3:30pm at the Caledonian Society Hall at 31 Homer Avenue, Moonah.

For more information, email, or visit or the Tasmanian Scottish Country Dancers RSCDS Facebook page.

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