Creative solutions for the new normal

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THE lifting of some COVID-19 restrictions has meant a welcome and greatly anticipated resumption to a ‘new normal’ way of life at Dominic College.

All kindergarten to year 10 students at the College were welcomed back to onsite learning at the end of May.

Very happy students, keen to see their school friends and teachers were ready to resume a more structured classroom learning environment following seven weeks away, including four weeks of remote learning.

“Although remote learning was great, I am happy to see my friends and teachers and I’m enjoying being back in the classroom again,” College captain Jackie van Lierop said.

Current social distancing restrictions have required reconsideration of various upcoming College activities and events, and teachers at Dominic have been creative in maintaining as much of the normal routine as possible for students.

“The Dominic community has always enjoyed a vibrant schedule of College events,” Dominic College principal Beth Gilligan.

“The current circumstances have necessitated the postponing or cancelling of some activities, however, it has also provided opportunities to create innovative solutions.”

The 2021 year seven to 10 Subject Selection and Pathways evening was recently held utilising a new purpose-built online platform.

Students and staff appeared in video presentations, showcasing subjects, giving reasons for their choices, and providing recommendations to other students who were considering the subjects for the following year.

“This online approach of accessing interviews with students reflecting on the subjects they are currently studying was extremely successful,” Ms Gilligan said.

“The presentations provided a learning opportunity for students involved in filming and delivered valuable insights for end-users.”

Enrolment tours have been temporarily reshaped at the College to offer after-hours visits for small family groups to comply with social distancing rules.

“Parents need the peace of mind of knowing that their child’s future place in the College community is secured early, and children are excited to explore the campus and get to know their new school,” Ms Gilligan said.

“We hope that we are able to resume some of our usual community events soon, but until we do, we will continue to be creative in providing alternatives for our students and families and those exploring the possibility of becoming part of our school community.”

Caption: Dominic College kindergarten students were happy to be back at school and enjoying taking a closer look at butterflies and bugs in science.

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