Creative flair draws accolades

THE 2017 Dominic College Creative Arts Festival, held over four days in Salamanca, has been declared the school’s biggest and most successful event yet.

The festival was opened by the Tasmanian Minister for the Arts Vanessa Goodwin who commended the college on the rich educational opportunities being provided to students through its unique kindergarten to year 10 arts program.

Dominic College creative arts director Mike O’Brien said the festival received huge support from students, parents and the wider community.

“The annual festival has always been, first and foremost, an opportunity to provide a snapshot of student development and their work in the creative arts for the wider community,” he said.

“Displaying student work in a professional venue such as the Long Gallery and performing in the Peacock Theatre highlights the diversity of our students’ interests, talents and their development in the creative arts.”

The Long Gallery exhibition showcased kindergarten to year 10 students’ individual and collaborative art that ranged from portraiture to wire sculpture, photography and short films.

The “Saturday Soiree” event included a diverse musical repertoire by young musicians including original compositions.

The debut of Dominic College’s year eight rock band in the Peacock Theatre was a hit with the audience, as well as the year nine band’s performance of their own composition, “Everywhere’s a Venue”.

The centerpiece of the festival was the polished performances of students in the highly acclaimed Australian play, “Stories From Suburban Road” by T.A.G. Hungerford.

Mr O’Brien said Hungerford’s story was chosen for its universal themes of memory and self-discovery.

“The central autobiographical character, Thomas Hungerford, was played by a series of younger and older students, allowing a genuinely shared dramatic experience,” he said.

Dominic College principal Beth Gilligan said more than 70 students were involved in the production.

“Sustaining commitment, deep focus and high standards in a team ensemble under the spotlight and enticing an audience to another time and place is part of mastery learning in drama and theatre,” she said.

Ms Gilligan said the festival also provided students with enrichment extensions in music, drama and visual arts through participation in master classes.

“Professional arts practitioners including Franz and Belinda Docherty, award-winning principals of Helen O’Grady Drama Academy, were part of the imported teaching team,” she said.

“The model of challenging students to push themselves beyond their current achievements and standards through exposure to specialist arts practitioners is part of our development as a school in the creative arts.”

Salamanca Arts Centre production manager Andy Ciddor said he enjoyed having Dominic hold its festival at the centre.

“The place was abuzz with the boisterous creative energy of the college’s students and it was great to see all our venues bursting with people coming to see their work,” he said.

Caption: Dominic College year nine and 10 students were part of the “Stories From Suburban Road” cast, presented at Hobart’s Peacock Theatre.

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