Could you have noise-induced hearing loss?

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DO you ever struggle to hear your TV or family members clearly?

Is speech hard to follow in background noise?

Do you have ringing in your ears?

Have you ever worked in a noisy place?

You may have suffered noise induced hearing loss.

You may be entitled to more than you realise.

Industrial Hearing Loss Specialists are offering you an opportunity to receive a FREE assessment which may entitle you to Free digital hearing devices and other compensation entitlements.

The team at Hearing Matters will assess your hearing health as well as provide free legal consultations to see what help you are entitled to.

You deserve to be treated for any damage you may have been caused at a noisy workplace and you may also be entitled to a monetary payment.

Industrial Hearing Loss Specialists are passionate about ensuring everyone is aware of and given easy and fair access to the best medical and legal services available if they have suffered injury at work.

If you and someone you know has suffered extended noise exposure, take advantage of this offer by calling us on 1300 100 326 to discuss your situation and arrange a free assessment now.

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