Coffin Club launches in West Moonah

COFFINS can account for nearly 30 per cent of the cost of a funeral.

But local residents now have the opportunity to save significantly on funeral costs with the recent opening of the Coffin Club in West Moonah.

The Coffin Club makes it possible for people to build their own personalised coffin under the supervision of an experience tradesperson.

Coffin Club organiser and Glenorchy City Council Alderman Simon Fraser said there was no reason for a coffin to cost more than $500, given the small amount of materials involved.

“And in the process of making a coffin we can break down some of the stigma and taboo associated with death in our community,” he said.

“We hope that individuals will come along with their families and loved ones and build the coffin together and, in so doing, generate some healthy conversations about mortality and death.

“Many social researchers have concluded that we live in a ‘death-denying’ society, perhaps owing to advances in medicine, where as a culture we refuse to admit that there is an upper limit to our life span.

“Death is a fact of life – it’s inevitable, so why not acknowledge it and then perhaps we can remind ourselves of what’s really important in life.”

Participants will be able to construct a coffin over several weeks, with their experience documented by a photographer who will supply a short film for each participant at the end of their coffin-building project.

Coffin Club participants can also try their hand at dual-purpose coffins, which can be used as a coffee table or bookshelf until needed.

For more information, please contact the West Moonah Community House on 6273 2362.

Caption: Coffin Club organiser and Glenorchy City Council Alderman Simon Fraser and Bruce Laffer, from Channel Men’s Shed, discuss the finer art of coffin making.

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