Classes coming for cooking with lavender

One Tasmanian cookery class is offering a special form of lesson, teaching students all the benefits of cooking with lavender.

Eloise Emmett, from Old School Kitchen, is teaming up with lavender producer Lisa Britzman from Campo De Flori farm to run a workshop on how to incorporate lavender into home cooking.

“My cooking workshops inspire people to cook dishes they might not normally try at home, as well as picking up some basic cooking skills,” Eloise said.

“Even advanced cooks are normally blown away by how easy some things actually are to make when they have seen it demonstrated.”

Lavender is said to provide numerous health benefits including helping with sleep and relaxation, lowering of anxiety, assisting with headaches and migraines, and possibly even promoting hair growth.

Eloise said the best health benefit came from cooking your own food with local ingredients.

“Cooking our own food from real ingredients is almost always the healthiest way that we can eat. If adding a bit of lavender to your cooking inspires you to get a bit excited about cooking, then that in itself is a health benefit,” she said.

Eloise’s class will teach people how to utilise lavender in their own cooking and elevate their dishes with the unique herb.

The class will be held on Wednesday 14 February at the Old School Kitchen in Glenorchy.

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