Children urged to get hearing checked

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GIVEN the link between hearing loss and delay in speech development is well known, Ability Hearing and Balance is encouraging people to get their child’s hearing tested if they suspect a hearing loss.

Childhood hearing loss can often be hard to pinpoint, with many children suffering from ear or sinus infections that are painless.

Your child may not be able to tell you they are not hearing.

Their hearing can be great one day and not so good another and this makes it difficult for parents to know for sure.

Signs of hearing loss in school aged children include saying “what?” a lot, a sudden drop in grades, and being distracted easily.

At home, you may notice the television up too loud.

These signs are often also associated with other learning disorders, so it is important to have your child’s hearing assessed to rule out hearing loss.

Here are some tips to support your child when their hearing is down.

Get their attention before speaking.

Being patient when repeating what you said is important.

Children feel frustrated too having to ask for repeats, it is important your child know that it is okay to ask so they don’t become withdrawn.

We want your child to manage their hearing in a positive way, so there are ways to teach your child to ask for repeats more effectively.

Instead of saying “what?”, you can encourage them to tell you the part of the message that they heard – they only ask for the part they missed.

For example, they could say, “mum, I heard you say we are going for lunch, but I didn’t hear the rest.”

This way, you can concentrate on helping them hear what they missed.

This can go a long way in making things less frustrating for everyone.

Ability Hearing and Balance offers hearing tests for children aged five years and older.

Their audiologists have 20 years worth of experience, and offer central auditory processing (CAPD) testing, earwax suction, and custom swim plugs for children.

Ability Hearing and Balance is located inside the Glenorchy Medical Centre at 346 Main Road, Glenorchy.

The Glenorchy clinic is by appointment only.

The Kingston clinic is located at Shop 66, Channel Court Shopping Centre, Kingston.

For more information, phone 6118 2723.

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