Charity fight a knock out event

IT was a fight for a great cause last month when Labor Candidate for Denison Zelinda Sherlock donned her boxing gloves and went head-to-head against World Boxing Organisation featherweight champion Luke “Action” Jackson.

The charity fight, which was held on 20 January at Action Fitness Centre in Glenorchy, raised funds for four organisations that provide support to the homeless.

Ms Sherlock said the charity fight idea came to her when she met Mr Jackson at a Labor Party ‘Plugged In’ forum.

“This meet sparked a meaningful discussion on a variety of issues, including the concern we had for the community,” she said.

“With similar values and a strong passion and motivation to help vulnerable people in our community, we saw addiction rehabilitation services, mental health and education as our priorities.

“It is important that we care for our community and one practical way to do that is by raising funds for organisations that care for the vulnerable in our society.

“And while the issue of homelessness is one that should be better dealt with by the government, I thought we, as individuals, could achieve something if we came together as a community.”

Although she dabbled in Taekwondo in her youth, Ms Sherlock said it was “absolutely daunting” to go up against someone of Mr Jackson’s calibre.

“I felt excited and nervous,” she said.

“Excited because I really wanted to actively do something for the community and nervous because I was going up against a champion.

“To hold up against a champion is no easy task, but this was a fundraising event so I was willing to get in the ring for a great cause.

“Surprisingly, I held up pretty well, although I think that is mainly because he went easy on me.

“I took a few shots to the body and I thought I would be sore the next day, but I wasn’t.

“As I threw the most punches, I ended up winning on points, but if Luke was fighting for real, he would’ve won.”

In addition to the main fight, the charity event also included a performance by the Dancing Divas and Tasmanian musician Christopher Coleman.

Ms Sherlock said the event raised more than $300 for four charity organisations.

These included Caroline House, Bethlehem House, Loui’s Van and the Helping the Homeless and People in Need organisation.

“Although we would have liked to raise more, we thought the event was a great reflection of what we can do when we come together as a community,” Ms Sherlock said.

“It is important to help the community with events like this because caring for people is shown through action – getting out there, listening to the community and proactively doing something.

“I was very pleased with the grassroots support we received and we had a fun night for a great cause.”

Caption: Labor Candidate for Denison Zelinda Sherlock, left, with featherweight boxing champion Luke Jackson. Photo credit: Black Snow Images.

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