Celebrate local hearing business’s success

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FEBRUARY marks the official second birthday of Tasmanian-owned and operated Ability Hearing and Balance!

Owners and local audiologists Nick and Heidi Modrovich are known to many in the community, having provided hearing care to many Tasmanians since 2007.

“Deciding to open up an independent audiology clinic in the middle of 2019 was certainly an experience,” Nick Modrovich said.

“COVID lockdowns happened just as we were getting ready to build our clinics. This delayed the launch of our business significantly. Looking back though, it really was a blessing in disguise.

“Instead of rushing to launch, we took a step back, really looked at what services were lacking in the community, and took our time to create a full- service audiology clinic that is so much more than just a hearing aid retailer.”

Nick and Heidi are super proud of what Ability Hearing and Balance has achieved over the past two years, as the business has set itself apart from the hearing aid retail chains.

Ability patients receive full-service audiology care which includes earwax micro- suction, full hearing assessment and hearing aid advice where appropriate; as well as ongoing care and hearing aid servicing.

It is also the only clinic in Tasmania to provide a full suite of balance and dizziness testing for complex vertigo cases.

In the past six months, Ability has also added educational audiology to the suite of clinical services it provides to children with auditory processing disorders.

To celebrate its second birthday, Ability Hearing and Balance is offering great savings with a technology upgrade offer. Pay an extra $300 on a pair of Signia AX hearing aids and upgrade to the next tech level. Patients can save up to $1300 on a pair of premium hearing aids. Conditions apply. Call 1300 327 776 to book your appointment.

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