Cardio Tennis an ace for clubs

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GLENORCHY City Tennis Club has welcomed a new fast-paced, fun initiative to encourage people to pick up a racquet and have a go at tennis.

Cardio Tennis is a tennis workout program that caters to all levels of fitness and is held at clubs across the state.

Cardio Tennis coach at Glenorchy City Tennis Club Fairlie Lamond said it brought together a variety of cardio workouts and a range of fun tennis drills to a high-energy soundtrack.

“Cardio Tennis is using tennis as a vehicle for fitness, so we do lots of hitting balls, lots of running around and lots of fun and laughter,” she said.

“Tennis is one of those sports for life, you can play it from very little to really old.

“You find where tennis fits in your life and Cardio Tennis answers and ticks a lot of boxes for people.”

Ms Lamond said the initiative aimed to grow participation of tennis at clubs.

“It’s about getting a whole different clientele into the sport instead of just people who have grown up playing tennis,” she said.

“There’s a lot of people who may have done a little bit of tennis and then didn’t play for a long time, so it’s getting them back into the game with a fast-paced tennis activity that is very social.

“It’s all club based so we’re trying to invigorate clubs with some new people in them.”

Glenorchy City Tennis Club secretary Wendy Cannell said it was an exciting initiative to build membership at the club.

“It’s helping us make more contact with the community,” she said.

“We had a bit of a declining membership in recent years, so it’s trying to get people back to the club that haven’t been here for a while and also attracting new people because we always need new blood and to get the younger generation coming through.”

Cardio Tennis is open to all ages and abilities, with participants only needing suitable footwear, workout gear and water bottles – tennis racquets can be provided by the club with prior notice.

Cardio Tennis runs on Tuesdays from 10am at the Glenorchy City Tennis Club.

To register, visit

Caption: From left, Glenorchy City Tennis Club Wendy Cannell, Fernando Bacchereti, Cardio Tennis coach Fairlie Lamond, and Alyssa Hibberd.

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