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AUSTINS Ferry Primary School is supporting families during the COVID-19 crisis by providing bowls of soup made from vegetables in the school’s vegetable garden.

Students have been taking one litre containers of soup home with them to share with their families.

Austins Ferry Primary School kitchen specialist Jess Muir said the idea started as way of using up the produce in the school’s well-stocked vegetable garden due to the reduced number of students using it during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“The kids can’t be in the kitchen at the moment, so I’ve been making the soup so they can come and take some home or will come in at lunch or recess time and have a bowl of soup if they’re hungry,” she said.

“The idea was to make soup for the kids who are at home, so they get more food and nutrition.”

Ms Muir said it was an important initiative to give back to the community and support the families in the community during isolation.

“I’ve talked to kitchen specialists from other schools and we’ve set up a group of six schools to share produce and get soup out to the community,” she said.

“It’s been something for us to keep busy with, but we also feel good about doing it.

“People are getting fed and we feel like we’re doing something rather than sitting around waiting for everybody to come back to school.”

Ms Muir said the students were excited to take the soup home, with the school having received private funding to make it available to the broader community.

“We’re finding that once the kids have a full belly of healthy vegetables their learning capabilities are increased immensely,” she said.

“We’re looking to expand and do a café during recess one day where kids can come over and have a free bowl of soup.

“All the students are on board with the idea and giving kids vegies is brilliant – the more you can get in them the better.”

Year five student Jayden Edwards, who has been taking the soups home with him, said there were all types of soups including carrot, pumpkin and carrot, and potato and broccoli soups.

“It’s delicious and yummy and makes us feel good when we’re cold or it’s cold outside and it warms up our bodies,” he said.

“I love taking soup home with me every day and eating it.”

Eleven-year-old Jessica Cheeseman said it was helping her learn more about healthy eating and doing things for the community.

“The soup is helping us get a little bit healthier since we’re stuck at home and on our phones more often,” she said.

Caption: From left, Austins Ferry Primary School kitchen specialist Jess Muir, and year five students Jayden Edwards and Jessica Cheeseman.

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