Bouled over by petanque

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THE Glenorchy City Petanque Club is bringing a sense of community to Glenorchy’s older population who seek companionship in retirement.

The bocce-like game of petanque originated in France more than 100 years ago and is now enjoyed around the world.

Original club member Annette Horsler started playing petanque six years ago after coming across the game by accident in Sandy Bay.

“At that point I had not been working for a period of seven or eight months, so I decided to check it out and it changed my life,” she said.

“When you are working you get social engagement from colleagues, and when this dries up it can be easy to fall into a pattern of not seeing people.

“Petanque was brilliant for my mental health.

“It was a place I fitted into, and I really enjoyed the company and championship of other people.”

The all-inclusive game is played both socially and competitively by people of all ages.

Petanque is played on a gravelly surface called a piste, with teams of two or three trying to toss all three of their boules as close to the jack – known as the cochhonnet – as possible.

“The game has a randomness about it when compared to a structured game like lawn bowls,” Glenorchy City Club member Eric said.

“After becoming acquainted with the game, you can bring strategy to your play and incorporate different skills like Shane Warne type-spinners, skidders, lobs and drops.”

Petanque players across the state have been advocating for a Tasmanian league for a number of years.

“The opportunities for playing petanque in Tasmania have never been better,” Annette said.

“Clubs that play here at Glenorchy have been putting in an intensive effort to create a petanque league in Tasmania.

“There is a league in every other state and Tasmania is close to completing the arrangements to having one of our very own.”

Based in Berriedale, the Glenorchy City Petanque Club plays from 1-4pm Wednesdays and is always looking for new members to join.

To find out more, call Tracey on 0402 300 672.

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