Aurora says goodbye to disability support stalwarts

Four long-standing volunteers have retired from Aurora Disability Services after a combined 92 years of service.

John and Jill Ingram and Brenda and Alf Pennington have each dedicated more than 20 years to working with Aurora Disability Services.

John began volunteering 27-years-ago as the Aurora Disability bus driver, and a few years later his wife Jill joined the organisation.

Aurora Disability has also given back to John and Jill, including while Jill suffered from an illness.

“While Jill was unwell, they brought her soup and delivered it straight to the door,” John said.

“I would definitely recommend people volunteer.”

“They are just so wonderful and generous; you couldn’t wish for a better organisation,” Jill said.

“I have thoroughly enjoyed it all, it is a wonderful organisation to work for.”

Jill and Brenda worked as supervisors at the Old Chapel Tea Rooms for more than 22 years and helped run events and other programs during that time.

Brenda’s husband Alf has helped maintain the Tea Rooms gardens for more than 20 years.

“I have had some wonderful people work with me,” Brenda said.

“It is wonderful to be recognised, but you don’t do it for that sort of thing, you do it because you love giving back to people.”

John, Jill, Brenda and Alf were recognised at the Aurora Disability Services Carols Event, where both couples were each gifted a white rose bush to remind them of their years of service.

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