Aurora Disability flying high

Aurora Disability Services has received funding from the Hobart Airport Community Grants Program (HACGP) to buy a new coffee machine for its Car Yard Café.

The Car Yard Café, located in Glenorchy, is a training spot for people with disabilities to undertake Certificate One Hospitality Training while supplying the community with cakes, sandwiches, coffees and smiles.

The funding has allowed the Car Yard Café to buy a brand-new coffee machine to replace its 15-year-old machine and grinder.

The café was at risk of closing due to its failing coffee machine but with funding from the HACGP it will remain open and continue providing hospitality training to people with disabilities.

“This year Auora Disability Services has celebrated 36 years of service to the community, supporting people with intellectual, physical, sensory and psychiatric disabilities,” executive officer of Aurora Disability Angelique Payne said.

“We were absolutely thrilled to receive notification that our application for funding to purchase a new coffee machine for our Cafe had been successful, and we are so very grateful that our 36-year history, and our relevance within the Tasmanian community was recognized as worthy of support.”

Chair of the HACGP Courtney Rowe said the board was proud to support such a great community program.

“The application from the Car Yard Café really aligned with our values,” Ms Rowe said.

“It is such a great initiative, and it is great to know that our contribution makes such a large difference.”

Ms Payne said the organisation relied on the generosity of its community and so receiving such a grant from the HACGP was absolutely invaluable.

“Not only do we get a new coffee machine, but the provision of this money awards a public acknowledgment in the significance of the work we do and celebrates the achievements of our trainees,” she said.

“Our programs are critical for the empowerment of people disadvantaged by disability.”

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