A hands-on way to help youths at risk

OVER the past 18 months, several groups of teenagers have been working hard to develop skills for future career pathways.

Project Booyah! – a collaboration between TasTAFE, PCYC and Save the Children – helps “at risk” youths to develop the skills they need to overcome problems like drug and alcohol abuse, disengagement at school and involvement in criminal behaviour.

Bunnings Glenorchy has teamed up with the local students for their final Project Booyah! initiative.

The students assisted in building a picnic table from scratch, which was donated to The Dogs’ Home of Tasmania last month, who said they were “overjoyed” to receive it.

In southern Tasmania, 65 students were involved in Project Booyah! and nearly 80 per cent received a range of qualifications.

TasTAFE teacher Nic Shepherd said the students worked hard to receive their positive outcomes.

“Not only does it look good on their resumes, but it also gives the local community another impression of young people that is away from the stereotype,” she said.

“This project shows that young people can be different from what is assumed of them and give something back to the community.”

Using structured activities, the students are taught skills such as communication, conflict resolution, problem solving and decision making.

The Bunnings team has been involved through a number of hands-on workshops working with a group of students, aiming to improve their D.I.Y skills through the creation of an individual project.

Caption: Project Booyah! members at Bunnings Glenorchy at the picnic table donation with staff from the Dogs’ Home of Tasmania.

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